marți, 4 decembrie 2007

Best- And Worst-Selling Vehicles Of 2007

Best selling

1. Ford F-Series

January to October '07 Sales: 588,952
Vs. January to October '06: Down 12.5%

If you simply take a look at the vast array of models, cab styles, bed lengths and styles and powertrains available for Ford's F-Series, you'll understand why it's been a bestseller for so long. The F-Series has a long-earned reputation for being a durable and long-lasting work truck.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

January to October '07 Sales: 526,575
Vs. January to October '06: Down 2.4%

The Silverado, which was redesigned for 2006, comes in a not-so-distant second place in sales. Like the F-Series, it's available with a wide range of engines, cab and bed styles to suit most work and recreational needs. Some V-8 models come with Active Fuel Management (its engine shifts from eight cylinders to four in situations where extra power is not necessary), which will help sideline worries about pump prices.

Worse Selling

1. Cadillac XLR

January to October '07 sales: 1,525
Vs. January to October '06: down 42.7%

The XLR roadster is a home-grown, elegant grand tourer, based on the Chevy Corvette, and assembled alongside it, yet with luxury and high-tech features to draw sales from buyers who might consider the Mercedes-Benz SL or BMW 6-Series. Unfortunately, the XLR isn't coming close to those models in sales, especially after this year's decline.

2. Mazda B-Series

January to October '07 sales: 2,363

Vs. January to October '06: Down 35.3%

The B-Series pickup, essentially a Mazda-badged version of the Ranger, one of Ford's most outdated products, doesn't necessarily keep with the "Zoom Zoom" image of the rest of the brand's car and SUV lines. Enough said.

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