miercuri, 21 noiembrie 2007

Nissan Gtr-R flow and Nissan NV200 Concept Van

Yes, after Nissan tried to keep the secret for as long as possible, a ton of photos of the 2008 Nissan GT-R showed up all over the web, presented by MotorTrend and Inside Line.

The high performance coupe from Nissan shows some impressive numbers, like the 0 to 60 mph (100 km/h) which is made in…get ready…3.5 seconds. Astonishing! And the word on the street is that all this performances will be available for only $80,000. No official info, but it seems that the engine will be a turbocharged 3.8 liter V6 with Dual-Clutch gearbox and latest ATESSA all-wheel drive. And it also looks like there will be three engine choices available, from a 480 hp to a 530 hp top-of-the-line EVO version. Again, nothing official. View more photos after the jump.

Nissan NV200

I’m sure most of us, when we see a van, the first thing we think about is “something to carry stuff around”. Well, it’s not really like that and Nissan tries to prove there’s more to vans than “functionality”, so they presented the Nissan NV200 Concept, which will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

The Nissan NV200 has been co-developed by Nissan Japan and UK offices and it uses a 2820 mm long wheelbase and is 1820 mm tall providing plenty of storage space. However, there’s one problem, that space is used for a sliding cargo pod which extends from the rear. And when the pod is ‘out’, the interior of the van can be turned into a mobile office (it features two lcd monitors, laptop sits, working light that comes from a long narrow window above the monitors, skylight in the roof, a drop-down sink, fridge and first aid kit.

Stephane Schwarz, design director of Nissan Design Europe said: “We wanted to create a flexible toolbox for professionals”. Now, we have to admit, the concept is not that bad, but what do we do when we have to carry some luggage around? Anyway, check out more photos of this interesting concept after the jump.

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